Willkommen zur Website von Kumera Getriebe GmbH, ehem. C.u.W. Keller GmbH Co. & KG, nun seit September 2019 Tochtergesellschaft von Kumera Power Transmission Group


The Kumera Corporation, Finland takes over industrial and marine gearbox manufacturer, C.u.W. Keller GmbH Co. & KG, Troisdorf, Germany

The German subsidiary of the Kumera Corporation, Kumera Getriebe GmbH will continue the activities of the C.u.W. Keller. The operation, which has taken place as usual since insolvency announcement from April 2019 is from now on under the name Kumera Getriebe GmbH. The workload for about 160 employees is high and ensuring smooth transition.

The Kumera Corporation, which was established in 1947 and is family owned, consists of three core businesses; process equipment for base metals, metal foundry and mechanical power transmissions for marine and industrial applications.

The Kumera Corporation employs 650 people at manufacturing locations in Finland, Austria, Norway, China and now in Germany. It promotes equipment, products and services through own sales organization and large agent network worldwide, which is very compatible with Keller’s marketing network.

The power transmissions of the Kumera Corporation have wide range of standard and tailormade gearboxes for industrial application in the pulp and paper and metallurgical industries as well as marine transmissions and propulsion systems for mid-size seagoing vessels.

The product lines of Kumera and Keller complete each other perfectly. The companies shall combine their skills and know how in R&D as well as improve production efficiency and utilization of their increased volumes in economical purchasing and subcontracting.

“This is definitely a great opportunity for both companies to strengthen their position on the world market. I am looking forward to a full acceptance of the Keller staff to welcome the new owner and hope that their contribution will make the company achieve our planned goals. The Keller high quality products and technical superiority is widely recognized by the loyal clientele and sets a firm foundation for future efforts”, says Mr Helmut Hochegger.

Mr Helmut Hochegger is currently acting as Managing Director of Kumera Antriebstechnik GmbH, Graz and is an Austrian citizen. He is nominated as the new Managing Director of Kumera Getriebe GmbH.

Kumera Corporation
Mr Jukka Kyttälä, CEO
Tel: +358 20 755 4200
[email protected]

July 2018
A trip with our apprentices

July 13 & 14, our apprentices for this year took a trip to the Volcanic Eifel mountains in Beuerhof. The two-day trip to the tipi village was organized for a total of 19 apprentices and two trainers from the Aufbäumen team (www.auf-baeumen.de).
The Flying Fox built by the group and tree climbing were special highlights for this outdoor training seminar.

June 2018
200 to pinion stand gearbox

In June 2018, the largest pinion stand gearbox ever with a weight of 200 tons was delivered for a heavy plate rolling mill. About 1.5 years has passed from order to delivery. The order value was approx. 1.3 million euros. The gearbox is driven by two DS motors, each with a rated motor output of 3,300 kW. This results into a total output power of approx. 9,000 hp.

March 2018
Order to equip a complete rolling line in mexico

In March 2018, we received an order to equip a complete rolling line in Mexico. The equipment includes five main drive gearboxes with an output of 10,000 kW, a maximum output torque from 2,030,000 Nm to 6,701,000 Nm and a weight from 23,600 kg to 76,000 kg as well as seven pinion stand gearboxes with an output of 10.000 kW, a maximum output torque from 633,000 Nm to 4,020,000 Nm and a weight from 19,500 kg to 51,000 kg and a cropp shear gearbox with an output of 1,500 kW, a maximum output torque of 7,700,000 Nm and a weight of 108,000 kg.

March 2018

Keller got the first order from Japan for a complete motor for an edger, consisting of two vertical transmissions, which will be installed in Mexico.

March 2018
KURS educational partnership with Troisdorf-Sieglar Comprehensive School

Keller signed the first KURS educational partnership with city and Troisdorf-Sieglar Comprehensive School on Monday, March 19th, 2018 The guests invited to celebrate the signature of this agreement included: Mayor Jablonski, Principal Heinrichs, Mr Kerber (the business manager), Mr Jäger from the KURS base office in the County of Rhein-Sieg, Mr Thomas from the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg and other others.

In his speech, Mayor Jablonski noted the change in demographics and the significant changes to the educational and career markets. Students are often unaware of many potential jobs, but are open to educational partnerships. The students gathered more information about the content of the KURS partnership in the subsequent Q&A round. The students of Classes 5.3 and 6.3 added to the entertainment by singing two songs for the event.

At the end of the celebration, the educational partnership agreement was signed and Keller received a certificate.

From left: Andrea Jäger (KURS Office for Rhein-Sieg County), Kirsten Heinrichs (Principal), Dario Thomas (IHK), Reinhard Kerber (KELLER), Klaus-Werner Jablonski (Mayor of Troisdorf), Sandra Templin (KELLER), Sven Becker (KELLER)

February 2018

KELLER delivered a 300 ton transmission for the highest performance suction dredger in the world.
The transmission was designed in collaboration with DEME. The cutter-suction dredger is being operated under the name SPARTACUS. The collective knowledge about cutter-suction dredgers and the experience of both companies gained during the project phase has led to an optimized design, which will set the bar for future cutter-suction dredger transmissions.

In addition to a cutter head transmission, the equipment includes: 2 propeller transmissions, 3 dredging pumps and 2 side-threaded transmissions.

The cutter head transmission is the largest transmission in dredging and apparently also the largest, heavy duty transmission in the world.

A larger work piece has not yet left KELLER halls. Project Leader Marek Gechert was responsible for the construction. The transmission is seven meters wide, five meters high and six meters deep. The cogs constructed have a diameter of up to three meters.

You will find the newspaper article on this web page.

Juny 2016

KELLER delivered a 180 ton customized transmission for a cutter dredger in Shanghai. The transmission will be installed in September.

With his team, developer and engineer Marek Gechert built the transmission.

KELLER delivered a customized transmission for one such cutter-suction dredger. The ship will be used to deepen or widen navigable channels, as was recently done in the Panama Cana.

The largest cog in the transmission is a proud 2.35 meters in diameter and, by itself, weighs 17.5 tons. In addition to other cogs that have all been produced in the Keller plant, such a device uses a number of monitoring instruments, such as oil pumps, monitoring systems for the play of the pumps and programmable control systems. Once the transmission has arrived in China, Keller will fly their specialists to the site to install and activate the transmission.

As of June 2015, KELLER had already signed the contract for delivery of the transmission. However, collaboration has been underway at the Chinese shipyard for a longer period of time. Some of the projects have been in development for several years.

You will find the newspaper article on this web page.

August 2014
SCC**:2011 – Responsible business practices

In August 2014, TÜV Rheinland certified KELLER as having responsible business practices according to the criteria specified for SCC**:2011. The SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) certification system was primarily established to increase safety standards and safety awareness. The aim is to reduce the number of accidents through employees’ safety-conscious conduct under consideration of fundamental factors regarding safety, health and the environment (SHE). SCC is now one of the best known occupational health and safety certification systems and an internationally recognised standard in safety, health and environmental management.

Juny 2014
Keller state of the art quality

CNC gear shaping machine up to 2,000 mm Ø (June 2014)
External and internal milling

CNC hobbing machine up to 1,250 mm Ø (March 2014)
External and internal grinding with measuring device

CNC hobbing machine up to 4,000 mm Ø (October 2013)
External and internal milling

CNC profile gear grinding machine up to 2,000 mm Ø (2011)
External and internal grinding with measuring device

CNC centre lathe up to 1,600 mm Ø x 6,000 mm

CNC boring mill (2008)
Traverse paths up to x=7,000 mm, y=3,500 mm
z=1,500 mm (girder), w=700 mm (spindle)

CNC profile grinding machine up to 4,000 mm Ø (2008)
External and internal grinding with measuring device

CNC vertical lathes up to 3,600 mm Ø (2007/2009)
with powered tools

Internal and external shaping machines up to 3,500 mm Ø

December 2012
Award “Ökoprofit 2012”

On 12.12.2012, KELLER received the award “ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb Troisdorf 2012“ (ECOPROFIT Firm Troisdorf 2012). The objective of the “Ecoprofit” project is to protect the environment and to save costs and is a precursor of the energy management system DIN EN ISO 50001 and the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001. In cooperation of 11 Troisdorf firms, TROWISTA, the Troisdorf wastewater utilities, the municipal utilities, the Pro Troisdorf Entrepreneurs’ Club, the efficiency agency Effizienz-Agentur NRW and B.A.U.M., measures for achievement of the objective were discussed in various workshops. An important aspect in the implementation of these measures was sustainability.

In previous years we have continually engaged with the subjects of energy saving and efficiency. The workshop doors have been replaced, the shop ceiling has been insulated, the workshop lighting has been replaced, as have the windows and the ceiling insulation of the social amenities building. So we have very much welcomed the advice received and the interchange with other companies in the context of the “Ecoprofit” project. In the project, an environmental plan was worked out, which also involved a significant investment volume. Through the acquisition of a more efficient compressed air plant with heat recovery, optimisation of our oil storage and disposal and the replacement of old printers, we succeeded in achieving annual savings of € 14,200, 5.5 tonnes of CO2 and 29,200 kWh of power.

Further measures, such as the execution of further insulation work on the buildings, power measurements to detect and reduce current peaks and replacement of the heating system in the administrative building, are planned for 2013.

July 2012
Tradition meets Innovation

This was the title of an article in Issue 06-07/12 of the “Köln Bonn Manager”. The results of a study by the Technical University Munich showed that KELLER is one of the most research-intensive companies in the Cologne/Bonn region.

March 2009
Investing in the future

That was the title of a press release with which KELLER attracted public attention in early 2009 – a positive report from industry in the middle of the financial crisis! This was soon followed by the article “Dredging with Spicher gears” in the Kölner Stadtanzeiger newspaper, reflecting the positive prevailing mood at KELLER also with a view to the future. Subsequent television reports were also featured on German television channels RTL and WDR. The publicity also aroused interest in the Ministry of Economics in Düsseldorf so that KELLER was invited to provide a company presentation at an exhibition in the foyer of the Ministry of Economics in the context of the “Bei uns” (Here in NRW) evening talks.

September 2010
KELLER wins the entrepreneur’s award 2010

The annual award ceremony of the entrepreneur’s club ProTroisdorf e.V. was held in September 2010. This year’s motto was “From Troisdorf into the world”, with a corresponding list of criteria compiled by the University of Bonn. The application was drawn up in March 2010, and since September we have now known that: KELLER is Troisdorf’s best company 2010!

November 2010
KELLER receives training award

Nach den „sehr guten“ Following the “very good” achievements of our apprentices during the apprenticeship finals in winter 2009/2010, in November 2010 the CCI Bonn/Rhein-Sieg certified that Keller had produced the “Chamber’s best training performance 2010 in industrial clerk apprenticeships”.