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Former C.u.W. Keller GmbH Co. & KG is now Kumera Getriebe GmbH, subsidiary of Kumera Power Transmissions Group since September 2019



We offer our apprentices lucrative opportunities for promotion.

Sandra Templin

“KELLER provided me with financial support for my on-going education and thereby gave me the opportunity to have a high-quality job at the company.”

2008 – 2011
Training as an industrial saleswoman
2011 – 2012 On-going education as a human resources clerk
2012 Trainer suitability test (IHK)
2012 – 2014 On-going education as a human resources sales woman (IHK)
2015 – 2016 On-going education as an economist (IHK)
Since 2012 As a human resources trainer, responsible for the entire human resources department (scheduling, payroll, certification department and so on)
Since 2012 Trainer for industrial sales staff

Swen Melzer

“KELLER released me from my job and, in doing so, gave me the assurance that I could return to the company, once I had passed a test as a master industrial craftsman.”

1981 – 1985 Training as an industrial mechanic
1991 – 1994 Training as the REFA specialist
1993 – 1999 Group leader for assembly
1995 – 1996 Training as a master industrial craftsman
Since 2000 Leader of Production Line III

Verena Hoff

“Anyone who is doing what they already can do will remain what they are”, Henry Ford.
The simple, uncomplicated training program at KELLER opens new opportunities.”

2004 – 2007 Periodic training measures and seminars in the field of foreign trade, customs,
export and import.
Since 2005 regelmäßige Schulungen und Seminare im Bereich Außenwirtschaft,
Zoll, Ex- und Import
2006 – 2007 On-going education in technology for sales staff (IHK)
2007 – 2018 Employee in the sales department
– Customer support for interlocking parts and payroll
– Sales staff for the Service and Repairs department, import & export,
marketing & public relations
2008 – 2011 On-going education as a certified technical specialist (IHK)
Since 2010 Progressive seminars and training measures in the field of the development of
human potential, communications and leadership (GUP)
Since 2018 Manager of the Service and Repairs department