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Former C.u.W. Keller GmbH Co. & KG is now Kumera Getriebe GmbH, subsidiary of Kumera Power Transmissions Group since September 2019



Do you have questions? We have answers.

You can apply for a job with KELLER by email or mail.
You will find more information about the application process under “APPLICATIONS”.
The application deadlines vary. Normally, you will apply one year before the start of the apprenticeship.

Currently, the apprenticeship compensation package is:
• Roughly 980 € for the first year of apprenticeship
• Roughly 1,029 € for the second year of apprenticeship
• Roughly 1,056 € for the third year of apprenticeship
• Roughly 1,148 € for the fourth year of apprenticeship

You will have a central contact person, who will coordinate and support you during your apprenticeship.
That person will be your first point of contact for questions about your apprenticeship.

As rule, we try to hire all of our apprentices after the apprenticeship.

If you have successfully completed the apprenticeship, we will offer a number of opportunities for development.
They will be sponsored by the company.